Sakon Nakhon

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Sakon Nakhon Package 3 Days 2 Nights

“Explore an authentic slice of Isan!”


Star journey out of the city centre to Phang Khon District, visit a modern Thai Traditional and Cannabis Medical Clinic, Herbs and Cannabis Plantation, and Hang Krarok Phupan Cannabis landmark. Relaxing the unique spa and massage (Thai Herbal Hot Tub). Visiting Koh Kwai (Buffaloes’ Island) by long tail boat.

As the sun starts to dip, you will be treated to a special local Isan dinner at Banna Nai Hoy. Discover Sakon Nakhon’s three important temple (Wat Tham Pha Daen, Wat Phra That Choeng Chum and Phra That Narai Cheng Weng). Go behind the scenes learn and create your own blues (Indigo dyed workshop), while you will have time to dip into the indigo dyed shop, where traditional indigo dyed and cotton handmade souvenirs.



15.00              Pick you up at hotel or Sakon Nakhon Airport (DMK-SNO/ DD9406)
15.30              Visit Phra That Narai Cheng Weng, exploring an ancient cannabis history.
16.30              Visit Wat Phra That Choeng Chum, an important and sacred sanctuary of
                        Sakon Nakhon.
                        Walking and relaxing at Indigo dyed walking street. *(Weekend only)*
18.00              Dinner at Sa Ban Nga Restaurant (1)
19.00              Transfer to hotel (Hug Sakonnakhon Hotel, or similar 3*)



08.30              ***Breakfast at the hotel (2) ***

09.30              Pick you up at the hotel

11.30              Visit Baan Khun Sook (House of Wellness), which is combined clinic of a modern Thai Traditional and cannabis medical and unique treatment. Visit Herbs and Cannabis Plantation for medical use and take some pictures with Hang Krarok Phupan Cannabis landmark.

12.00              Lunch at Chanai Restaurant, Phang Khon, Sakon Nakhon (3)

13.00              Leaving for Ban Na Chueak, a village under RMUTI’s Herbs Project as Wellness and Community-Based Tourism.

13.30              Welcome to Banna Nai Hoy, Ban Na Chueak, Sakon Nakhon                            (welcome drink on arrival). Relaxing at Banna Nai Hoy which is a hidden village among Nam Un Dam and shop for the unique locally product made from buffalo and natural dyed fabric (5 Star OTOP product).

13.45              Workshop by making a buffalo keyring form poop buffalo dyed cotton.

14.45              Enjoying our Thai Herbal Hot Tub Spa and Massage at Banna Nai Hoy.

16.30              Taking a long tail boat ride inside Nam Un Dam toward Koh Kwai.

17.00              Arriving at Koh Kwai where you can enjoy unique natural surroundings of hundred buffaloes’ take in and soak up the beautiful sceneries.

18.00              Taste local Isan food for dinner at Banna Nai Hoy while spending the evening and watching beautiful sunset. (4)

19.00              Transfer to Hug Sakonnakhon Hotel, or similar 3*



*** Breakfaat a the hotal (5) ***

06.00              Pick you up at the hotel

09:30              Visit Wat Tham Pha Daen, an ancient temple with carved stone cliffs telling

the story of Buddha’s biography, within a natural and beautiful location.

10:30              Visit Kharm Sakon, (place for special kind of blue which have perfected indigo dyeing to an art of Sakon Nakhon), joining our craft workshop by making indigo dyeing clothes.

12.00              Lunch at Kharm Sakon (6) and you will have time to pick up bits from the

indigo dyeing shop, where traditional indigo dyeing is a popular buy.

13.15              Transfer to Sakon Nakhon Airport (SNO-DMK/ DD9407)


14:30              Visit Ban Tharae Catholic Community, experiencing the biggest Catholic community in Thailand which is full of unique buildings and charming local Catholic lifestyle.

17.00              Transfer to the hotel or Sakon Nakhon Airport (SNO-DMK/ DD9411)



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